Galadriel Inspired Wedding Looks

Galadriel Inspired Wedding Looks | How to look the part at your high elf wedding.

I think I’ve made it clear that the vision for how I look at my wedding is pretty much just “Galadriel” from LotR. Books, movies, whatever – I’m just going for “high elf wedding.” Tooooootally normal. In light of this, I’ve compiled some links to tiaras, dresses and footwear that really bring the whole Rivendell wedding theme to life.

Galadriel Inspired Wedding Looks | How to look the part at your high elf wedding.

Elf Inspired Tiaras and Crowns

Silver Circlet

Look Like Galadriel On Your Wedding Day | High Elf Wedding Style

I’m thoroughly obsessed with this circlet. It’s gorgeous, but not overly ornate. It’s also about $25 with shipping, so there’s very little stopping you.

Evenstar Celtic Weave Crown


So, I know I said Galadriel up top, but I’m expanding the idea to Arwen as well, because I can. This crown uses the image of the Evenstar pendant that Arwen wears in the movies and combines it with a Celtic weave.

Galadriel Circlet


If your aim is to look exactly like Galadriel, this is the circlet for you. Reviews have been positive regarding the quality and the likeness to the film’s circlet.

Galadriel Inspired High Elf Wedding Gowns

Chiffon & Lace Flowing Sleeves Wedding Dress


This dress certainly evokes the image of an elven queen, with long draped sleeves and the shimmering fabric. Lace detailing and a V back add extra appeal.

Hooded Long Sleeved Dress


This gown is technically borrowing from another fandom, but I’ll allow it. The sleeves, laced up front and hood all shout “forest wedding.” Plus, the shop is called Bad Wolf Costumes. How can you not at least look?

Bell Sleeve Chiffon Gown


For a slightly more traditional looking (but still Galadriel inspired) gown, this bell sleeved option fits the bill. All this dress is missing is a circlet or leaf crown.

Galadriel Inspired Wedding Footwear

Boho White Sandals


Okay, so “sandals” may not be what most people think of as wedding footwear, but most people tend not to look to fictional characters for wedding inspiration, so we’re already kind of ignoring convention. These sandals will give that woodsy feel with a little bit of style and elegance. Plus, comfort.

Lacy White Flats


These are too adorable not to include. I’d probably wear these lacy flats every day normally, which makes them perfect for wedding shoes. Multiple uses! It’s the dream.

Lace Up Gladiator Sandals


If there’s one thing that’s pretty clear about Galadriel’s footwear, it’s that she seems not to wear it. These lace up gladiator sandals can help you achieve this idea, while still being pretty badass looking.

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