How Whole Foods Can Save You Money on Your Wedding

How Whole Foods Market Can Save You Money on Your Wedding

Most people don’t think of saving money when they think of shopping at Whole Foods Market, but it’s actually a great place to go if you’re planning a smaller wedding. Here are a few ways you can actually save money on your wedding by going to Whole Foods Market.

And no, WFM isn’t paying me to say this. These are just genuinely helpful tips!

Reasonably Priced Wedding Flowers

Did you know that Whole Foods Market can do wedding flowers? No, these aren’t your typical supermarket flowers. You’ve probably noticed that WFM has a pretty impressive floral section. Not only is the selection beautiful (and of high quality), but the floral team is also quite skilled at putting together arrangements.

Centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres are no problem for these talented florists, and surprisingly, the cost is generally far better than going to a dedicated florist.

For those brides that really want to DIY the flowers, you can find a beautiful selection at WFM and make some great bouquets. Plus, they routinely have a large selection of succulents, for brides that want to go that route.

Wedding Desserts

Cakes are expensive, no two ways about it. While you may want to have a presentation cake to cut, and take home, there’s no reason why you need to spend a fortune on a massive cake for all of your guests.

So, where does Whole Foods come in? If you want to offer your guests some form of cake, without spending an arm and a leg, Whole Foods offer sheet cakes and cupcakes. The sheet cakes can be minimally decorated (just white frosting) to save on cost, or gussied up as much as you’d like. They’ll still provide a delicious cake, at a fraction of the cost of a wedding cake.

Another option is to offer cupcakes. These are great, as no additional serving is required, and they price out at a $1 per. If you call ahead at least a couple of days to order, the bakery at Whole Foods Market will even frost the cupcakes in whatever color you’d like.

The best part is that the ingredients are high quality, with cage free eggs and there are no artificial dyes, flavorings or colorings. Plus, the frosting is real buttercream – none of that gross hydrogenated stuff! So, you end up with high quality desserts at a reasonable price.

Wedding Catering

Okay, now you might think I’m crazy, but Whole Foods Market actually offers completely reasonably priced catering. Whether it’s a casual afternoon wedding, or a slightly more formal evening affair, their catering menu can accommodate your needs with options like:

  • cheese platters, antipasto trays, fruit & veggie platters
  • sweet peach & pecan salad
  • salad provencal (featuring field greens, endive, haricots vert, radishes, beets, Niçoise olives, fennel and grape tomatoes with a tarragon vinaigrette…amazing!)
  • herb & citrus glazed salmon
  • barbecue sirloin
  • dessert platters
  • breakfast and brunch options
  • loads of sides

The menu rotates seasonally, so you’ll have to check with your local Whole Foods Market for offerings, but there are always gluten free and vegan options available, perfect for events with diverse dietary needs.

All you’ll have to do is rent or purchase chafing dishes (they’re actually pretty inexpensive), and you’re good to go!

How Whole Foods Market Can Save You Money on Your Wedding


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