Picking the Dress: A Kleinfeld Bridal Review

An Honest Kleinfeld Bridal Review

Picking the dress is a pretty important part of the whole wedding experience, and every bride wants the opportunity to pick the best dress at the best bridal boutique. Well, my Best Friend In The Entire World (who just got engaged!) was lucky enough to snag an appointment at Kleinfeld Bridal for her dress, and so I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the experience. I thought I’d write a quick Kleinfeld Bridal review for anyone thinking about snagging a dress there.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kleinfeld Bridal, it’s the boutique featured on the TLC show,¬†Say Yes to the Dress. They’re typically known for having crazy, over-the-top dresses with price tags to match, big personalities and wacky designers. I was definitely a little nervous about how this might turn out.

We read a lot of reviews to prepare for this experience, and a good deal of them weren’t that positive. People seemed disappointed in quite a few things from price to pushy, inattentive staff, to the chaos taking over the general area. This Kleinfeld Bridal review won’t be so harsh! We actually had a great time.

A Quick Kleinfeld Bridal Review:


They say “timing is everything,” and I certainly think it helped our cause. My friend’s appointment was at 12:30 on a Tuesday, and we had no wait. Kleinfeld wasn’t crowded at all at this time. There were a few other brides with small groups, but only a few.


There was no champagne, and we were kind of surprised. My friend went in with a $5k budget, so we kind of expected them to at least throw us an $8 bottle of Barefoot bubbly, but no. Not a huge loss.


A lot of Kleinfeld Bridal reviews mention the lack of privacy here. While it’s true that the main room is in full view of several other stations, we had the option of all being back in the private room. The bride chose to be in the open area, though.


The staff were all super friendly and helpful. The bride didn’t feel pressured into any particular dress or accessory, nor did she feel like everything was an up-sell.


We went in with a budget of $5k, but were shown dresses as low as $2,300. So, while this definitely isn’t a place for bargain hunting, there are certainly dresses¬†with a slightly friendlier price tag!

An Honest Kleinfeld Bridal Review

Kleinfeld Bridal Review Summary:

Overall, we had a really positive experience. It kind of felt like a fairy tale, being amongst all of those lovely dresses and bridal accessories! The staff was so friendly, and the process was relatively easy! I would certainly recommend Kleinfeld to anyone looking for a high end wedding gown.

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