Free Bridesmaid Printable: Tie The Knot

Free Bridesmaid Printable: Will you help me tie the knot? | DIY Wedding Supplies

As a DIY kind of girl, I really do love free wedding printables. It’s a small way to save money, for sure, but can add up. Instead of paying $4 per card, plus shipping to have them sent to you – why not just print them yourself? So, I’ve started making free bridesmaid printable cards that I hope can be of use to some of you!

This printable bridesmaid invitation card (you know, so you can adorably ask your gal pals to be part of your bridal party), asks the question, “will you help me tie the knot?” Perfect for a nautically themed wedding, or really, anything. You don’t need to match these cards to the theme of your wedding. 😉

Printing Instructions for ‘Tie the Knot’ Free Bridesmaid Printable Cards:

  • This is the basic version, for a higher res version with different size options, check out my Etsy shop!
  • The print size is a standard US letter – 8.5″ x 11″
  • Spring for some good cardstock (but not too heavy!), so these guys will stand up to some bending
  • Fold these along the horizontal line, and then cut along the vertical line in the middle.
  • This is set up to print landscape. Some printers may detect this automatically, others…not so much.
  • This is an egalitarian bridesmaid invite, so there is only one – you can use this for either bridesmaids, or the maid of honor, or groomsmen, or the officiant (if it’s a friend or family member), flower girls, ring bearers. Literally any person involved in this wedding can happily receive this card!
  • All the artwork is courtesy of yours truly. The main font is Amatic SC, which is open source, in case you want to use it on other wedding collateral.
  • I’d love to know if you use these! Send me an email, or leave a comment below! ❤

Download ‘Tie the Knot’ Free Bridesmaid Printable Cards:

This is super easy. Click on the image to be linked to the PDF version of these files.

Free Bridesmaid Printable: Will you help me tie the knot? | DIY Wedding Supplies

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  1. These are amazing! Can’t think of a better way to ask your bridal party! Wish these had been around a month ago 😉

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