Picking the Dress: A Kleinfeld Bridal Review

An Honest Kleinfeld Bridal Review

Picking the dress is a pretty important part of the whole wedding experience, and every bride wants the opportunity to pick the best dress at the best bridal boutique. Well, my Best Friend In The Entire World (who just got engaged!) was lucky enough to snag an appointment at Kleinfeld Bridal for her dress, and so I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the experience. I thought I’d write a quick Kleinfeld Bridal review for anyone thinking about snagging a dress there.

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Daenerys Wedding Inspiration: Game of Thrones Wedding Style

Daenerys Wedding Inspiration | Game of Thrones Wedding Accessories

If you’re super into Game of Thrones, you’ve probably noticed that Daenerys Stormborn [add whichever titles/names you feel are appropriate here] has been rocking a bunch of dresses that would make for a pretty incredible bridal look. While you may not want horse-riding warriors at your wedding (Steppe-themed weddings don’t seem to be popular…), Daenerys wedding inspiration is bound to be beautiful!

If you want to bring some Targaryen flair to your wedding, these Game of Thrones inspired Daenerys wedding accessories and dresses are worth checking out!

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