13 Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500

13 Engagement Rings Under $500

Traditional wedding rules emphasize that engagement rings should cost up to three months of the groom’s salary. Many modern couples (including the one I’m half of!) tend to shy away from pouring money into the ring and instead focusing on utilizing that money for the honeymoon, or towards a down payment on a house. I actually know quite a few brides looking for an engagement rings under $500!

Of course, just because you’re looking for an inexpensive engagement ring, it doesn’t mean you don’t want something beautiful and unique. So, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite engagement rings under $500! I hope you fall in love with these gorgeous engagement rings like I have!

13 Engagement Rings Under $500

Diamond Engagement Rings Under $500

Bezel Set Diamond Ring, $340

Bezel Set Diamond Ring - Engagement Rings Under $500
Ice on Fire

A bezel set diamond is flanked on either side by six delicate smaller diamonds. This inexpensive engagement ring is perfect for a couple looking for a more traditional ring that’s affordable.

Impossibly Delicate Diamond Ring, $295

Delicate Diamond Solitaire - Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500

This simple ring in 14k or 18k yellow, rose or white gold features a delicate, conflict-free diamond in a solitaire setting. The ring can be made smooth or textured (as pictured above) and is perfectly sweet for a dainty, ethereal bride. Also available with a black diamond.

“V” Diamond Engagement Ring, $230

Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500 - Nontraditional Diamond Engagement Ring
Ice on Fire Jewelry

For the bride who’s anything but traditional, this V-shaped ring features delicate conflict-free diamonds, set in yellow, white or rose gold.

Rose Cut Bezel

Rose Cut Diamond Ring - Engagement Rings Under $500
Melanie Casey

This rose cut diamond is set in a handmade 14k gold bezel. Shown in gorgeous rose gold, this ring is also available in white or yellow gold.

Three Diamond Signet Ring

Three Diamond Signet Ring – Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500

A perfect ring for the rustic bride. The textured band and deep setting add some weight to this delicate ring.

Circle Diamond Ring, $500

Circle Diamond Ring - Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500
Jennifer Meyer

A funky twist on a diamond ring, this cluster of delicate diamonds would certainly be at home on the finger of any modern ride.

Diamond Flower Ring, $425

Diamond Flower Ring - Engagement Rings Under $500
Melanie Casey

A beautiful and dainty cluster of diamonds, set in yellow, rose or white gold.

Alternate Gemstone Engagement Rings Under $500

Opal and Tanzanite Trio Ring, $310

Affordable Engagement Rings Under 500 - Opal Tanzanite

I’ve mentioned this ring before, in my post about Opal Engagement Rings, and that’s because I’m completely in love with it. A beautiful ring for the more understated, but still offbeat bride.

Sapphire Trillion Ring, $450

Affordable Alternative Stone Engagement Rings Under $500

A gorgeous trilliant cut sapphire set in either white, yellow or rose gold. This nontraditional affordable engagement ring will compliment any style, from boho to trendy.

Astral Ring With Garnet, $395

Affordable Engagement Rings Under 500 Dollars - Opal and Garnet

Another opal engagement ring, this beauty from Claire Kinder Studios is sure to appeal to the quirky bride. As far as engagement rings under 500 dollars go, this one’s definitely in my top 5.

Sapphire in a Hexagon Setting, $330

Sapphire in a Hexagonal Setting | Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500
Blue Ridge Notions

This delicate non-diamond engagement ring features a dainty sapphire in a hexagonal gold setting. Choose from 14k or 18k yellow, white or rose gold.

Rainbow Moonstone and Diamonds Ring

Moonstone and Diamonds - Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500
Manari Design

Moonstones have long been prized for their mysterious appearance and connection to the moon, and thus emotion. This trio of delicate diamonds and a whimsical moonstone, set in yellow gold, make for a perfect engagement ring for the sensitive dreamer. The ring is also stunning in rose gold.

Equilibrium Pearl Ring with Black Diamonds, $455

Equilibrium Rose Gold Pearl Ring with Black Diamonds - Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500
Jennie Kwon Designs

This Jennie Kwon ring topped my list for a long while. Rose gold, black diamonds and pearl all together are almost too much to take! Whimsical yet balanced, a truly stunning understated ring.

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